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Ticket & Travel Info

Does the shuttle run every day?

Yes, AUC Blue Montain shuttle buses run on a daily basis during the ski season, including Christmas, New Year's Day and other holidays.

How can I buy the ticket?

  • Option 1: Buy the ticket online

    Only credit card is accepted via online booking; debit is NOT accepted. Please book directly from

    Tickets and confirmation number will be sent to you through email and could be printed at home. Please confirm your email address and cell phone number at the time of purchase.

  • Option 2: Buy the ticket on board

    Online booking is strongly recommended for our shuttle tickets so that we can guarantee your seats on the bus. And the bus may leave early if we have already picked up all the passengers who already purchased tickets online. But on board ticket purchasing is also accepted by CASH ONLY at $40/person depending on the availability.

Do I have discount if I am a senior or student or with a child under 6 years old?

Sorry, we don't provided senior or student discounts. Children under 2 years old can travel free without taking their own seat. All passengers over 2 years old should have valid tickets to board the bus.

Can I book the departure & return ticket for different shuttle dates?

Yes. For example, you could book the departure trip from City Hall to Blue Mountain on December 21 and return from Blue Mountain to City Hall on December 29.

How can I show my ticket to the driver if I do not have the ticket printed?

Tickets will be sent to you via email and will be scanned once you're on board. Simply show us the e-ticket on your cell phone or any electronic devices if you don't have a printed copy.

Can you drop me off at Collingwood since my reserved hotel is in Collingwood?

Sorry, AUC Blue Mountain shuttle bus does NOT make any drop offs at Collingwood. We only pick up and drop off at Blue Mountain Resorts.

NO washroom on board of AUC shuttle buses.

All tickets are valid for travel only on the scheduled date for which the ticket was purchased. If you wish to change your travel date, you may have the ticket reissued depending on the type of ticket purchased. However, the request must be made 24 hours prior to the original scheduled travel date (subject to availability). For more information, please see Refunds & Exchanges under Tickets and Travel section on our website.

Please arrive at pick up points at least 15 minutes before departure time. If you purchased your ticket online, please bring a printed or digital copy of your ticket.

On Board Restrictions

For everyone's safety and comfort, AUC asks all customers to please follow certain restrictions while on board. Federal law does NOT permit smoking on all AUC buses. We have zero tolerance for alcohol, drugs, weapons and unruly behavior.

Photography, video or audio recording of AUC personnel, equipments or procedures is strictly prohibited. For your safety and the safety of those around you, AUC asks all passengers to remain seated while the bus is in motion. Audio, video and camera equipment should be stored with other carry-ons when not in use.

No dogs, cats, birds, or other animals are permitted on all of AUC buses.

Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by someone age of 15 or older.

Review Before You Purchase

Please read and ensure that the child and the parent/guardian understand all guidelines to ensure a safe and pleasant journey. Parents are asked to read and review the following guidelines with the child.

The child understands that:

  • He/she is to remain seated at all times when the bus is moving.
  • He/she is not to leave the bus without the driver's permission.
  • He/she should tell the driver immediately if anyone or anything is bothering him/her or if he/she needed some help.
  • He/she should follow all of the driver's instructions when stopping for schedules, breaks or when the driver must help to assists other passengers, load and/or unload baggages and freight.
  • Once he/she has arrived, DO NOT get off the bus until all other passengers have left. Then, wait for the driver to escort him/her into the terminal.

Child Safety Seats

Customers are welcome to use child safety seats on AUC Shuttle buses that have lap and/or shoulder belts/harnesses. However, the seat space will be based on schedule availability. You should ensure that your child seat has been approved for use in a motor vehicle, and is used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

It is your responsibility to secure the child seat is securely attached to the bus seat using the lap and/or shoulder belts/harnesses provided. AUC shuttle buses do not provide lap and/or shoulder belts/harnesses on all buses.

For passengers traveling on AUC Blue Mountain shuttle buses, two (2) pieces of baggage are allowed for each adult and child. One (1) baggage (ski equipments etc), plus one (1) personal item (purse, handbag, small luggage, etc.) can be taken on board for each adult or child. Carry-on bags must fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat.

Passengers should look after all their personal belongings. AUC Tours is not responsible for any loss and/or damages for passengers personal belongings during the trip.

Are AUC tickets refundable?

During 2021-2022 winter season. All blue mountain shuttle tickets are refundable at least 48 hours prior to departure, please send your request by email then we will process your request within 24 hours.


I have a partially used ticket. How do I receive a refund?

A "partially used ticket" means you purchased a ticket and did not complete the trip prior to the final destination. Partially used one-way tickets are not refundable nor could be exchanged. Partially used round trip tickets may be submitted for refund when either the departure or return portion is completely unused. If both the departure and return portions are partially used, the ticket has no refund value. Non-refundable tickets have no refund value nor could be exchanged.

Can I get a refund if I am late?

Tickets CANNOT be refunded nor exchanged by whatever weather conditon and other personal reasons.

The bus was late. Am I entitled to a refund?

No. AUC Tours makes every effort to provide on-time service, it does not guarantee the departure and arrival time, which may be affected by any number of factors including weather, traffic, or mechanical problems. AUC is not liable for any inconvenience or expense caused as a result of such delay.

Can I exchange my ticket for a different travel date or time?

Yes. However, all exchanges must be made 24 hours prior to the original scheduled travel date based on schedule availability.

Are the tickets transferable to others?

No. All tickets are non-transferable. The unauthorized resale of AUC Tours tickets is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted. No reservations are accepted unless expressly stated otherwise. Tickets are valid ONLY for the schedule, date and time for which purchased. AUC Tours is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged tickets.

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